Abstract Artist

Born in Colombia and raised in Canada, I take as inspiration my life experiences of migration and self-discovery as I find ways through color and texture to create an abstract narrative that allows me to reconcile with my own mental health, and aim to find ways to understand what self-love entails.

My work is born out of an urge, not only to create but to attempt to appease inner insecurities regarding my identity as an immigrant who is nor from here nor there, while I channel my emotional state through my work. Throughout the years my work has evolved into a much deeper emotional practice for myself. My goal is to bring the viewer into a personal comfortable and serene place where they can aim to appease their own internal battles and insecurities through visual harmony. I want to use my work as a visual anchor and reminder that life has serene moments even in darkness.


Current Body of Work

I am currently exploring my journey of self-love through my work. Love can be found in the most mundane, and the most intricate aspects of our lives. We each have our own path, and that path willingly changes as we evolve emotionally. Finding love to me is finding myself, unlearning my daily self-loathing and realizing that I am not only capable of love, but that I am capable of being in love with myself. My current work reflects self-exploration, self-healing, self-reflection, grief, and a lot of love. The most intimate, volatile, and vulnerable kind of love is the one that you have with yourself.

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