Toronto Based Artist | Abstract Paintings

Nik Torres is a Toronto based, Colombian and Canadian mixed media abstract artist. She explores her experiences of migration and self-discovery as she finds her way through harmonizing colors and textures. These abstract narratives allow her to reconcile with her feelings of displacement, and cultural identity, while she strives to resolve her own mental health path and find love within herself. Her work creates subtle voices of serenity, and harmony that can resonate with viewers who are aiming to reconcile with their own internal struggles.

Torres holds an MA in Education, where she focused on creative poetic inquiry to analyze immigrants’ struggles into the US and Canada, a BEd, and a BA in Visual Arts. She has worked with other creative mediums throughout her life; photography, poetry, and digital installations amongst others. She has recently taken up her art career full-time, after 9 years in the education field.

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