Submit your Custom Painting Request

A custom painting gives you the opportunity to bring your ideas onto a canvas. My goal is to ensure that you have a piece of fine art that brings you serenity and comfort wherever you choose to hang it.


For my custom art customers, I like showing them the process of their unique piece and the daily progression, I will send you photos and videos throughout the completion of the process.


Please complete the form below, and specify the size you want. I will contact you by email or phone to finalize the details of your custom piece. 

Pricing list (prices in CAD)

(special pricing on mini paintings!)

4" x  4": $45 

6" x 6": $65


9"x 12": $250

12" x 12": $290

16" x 20": $430

18" x 24": $585

24" x 36": $1,170

36" x 48": $2,345

48" x 48": $3,120

If you would like a different size, please specify in the request form below.

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